Raluca Chifane-Wagenhäuser – an international pianist of romanian origin.

At the age of 11 she won the 1 st Prize at the Yamaha Piano Competition in Stresa (Italy). Further prizes as well as radio and television recordings followed. Her musical and artistic career has been shaped by the different great european traditions: growing in a valuable cultural environment, RCW has become acquainted with the french, romanian and german schools. Through her professors she had managed to reach a genuine european awareness in the field of music.

As one of the few among Svjatoslav Richter´s followers, RCW has developed according to the nontypical russian piano school, that is oriented to producing authetical sound and art. The red line in RCW´s artistic training and instruction is to be found as designated by famous performers starting from Franz Liszt and continuing with Arthur Schnabel and Edwin Fischer. 

The pianist has awarded all mandatory prizes during her studies. After examinations at the famous Musicuniversities in Bucharest, Trossingen and London she distinguishly completed her Mastership and Soloist class at the Goldstein College of Music (partner of Rachmaninov Institute in Tambov) with „Summa cum laude”.

In 1994 the Land of Baden-Württemberg also supported and promoted her exceptional talent through a 2 year Fulltime Scholarship at the University of Music in Trossingen.

Critics have likend RCW to her great predecessor Dinu Lipatti for her combination of brilliant technique and artistic maturity. Other ones founded her musical personality and also her stage appearance very similar to Clara Schumann´s. The way she utilizes colours and articulation in her interpretation of different composeres makes her a trurly unique artist. She brings to life the intentions of the composers and projects an authentic voice.The pianist has already proved her special stage presence in Europe and Asia in solo recitals, concerts with orchestra and chamber music concerts. Her artistic abilities have also been confirmed by CD recordings and also radio and TV productions.

Ever since 1997 she has successfully tought and trained students within Master Classes and Music Camps both in Europe and Asia. She has thereby developed her own distinguished fulminant style which combines the artistic education with specific training methods, leading her students to significant achievements some of them being winners of international competitions or professorships in well-known universities.

In order to make her own ideas such as meta-music-sytem (a piano training system based on musical researches of the art of sound emission and interpretation) known the best possible, RCW laid the foundation, few years ago of an international music school - „European College of Music”, in Germany.

The pianist is also teaching at the University of Music Trossingen/Piano Performing Faculty young musicians in the spirit of the european cultural traditions showing them the „Gradus ad Parnassum” of the art of sounds, being convinced by the aesthetic of the perfection.

In march 2015 Raluca Chifane-Wagenhäuser was appointed professor at the venerable Tongji University in Shanghai. In advance she had played a wonderful concert, held an academic lecture and masterclasses.

in september 2019 she appointed a professorship at the Dalian University in China.